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Unique Objects 

Decorative and Collectible Objects and Relics, Both Vintage and Antique, and Spanning the Globe. Home and Garden Decor, Hand Made Objects, Religious Objects, Art and Folk Art, Dolls, Toys, and Games.  Whimsical Conversation Pieces and Natural Elements, as well.


Virtually All Fleur-de-Lis Finds Could be Categorized as Collectible.  Whether Adding to an Existing Collection, or Seeking a Decorative Object to add Color, Depth and Interest to a Space, One Might Find it Here.  A Worldly Selection of Relics and Reproduction Relics and Antiquities from Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle Americas and Beyond.  Perhaps it is a Piece of American Memorabilia that Strikes Your Fancy.  Antique, Vintage, Retro and Mid-Century  Modern Collectibles are in the Mix, Either Here or Curated Elsewhere in the Flea.

Recently Added Relics & Collectibles

  Tang Dynasty Ceramic Horses
  KPM Porcelain Vase
  Chinese Brass Plate and Ancient Wine Vessel
  Antique Chinese Ginger Jar
  Nippon Black Pottery Vessels

Ornamental and Decorative Objects to Add Flavor, Style, and Perhaps a bit of Whimsy to Your Decor... Not to say All These Finds are Without Function.  Look for Period Pieces as well as One of a Kind Objects with a Quirky Twist!

Recently Added Decorative

  Pedestal, Pillar, Orb Finial
  Rustic Industrial Pillars and Rustic Display Plinth
  Antique Ceramic Finials
  Decorative Porcelain Spheres
  Carved Alabaster Base

Tramp Art, Folk Art, Fine Art and Fine Craft Abide Here.  The Focus is on One of a Kind Works of Art, Whether it be in the Field of 3-Dimensional Sculpture, Ceramics, and Mixed Media Constructions, or 2-Dimensional Paintings, Drawings and the Like.  Look for Hand Made, Hand Crafted, Hand Drawn and Painted Works not Produced in Mass, nor Mold, nor in Editions.  Enrich Your Environment with Art and Fine Craft.

Recently Added Art & Folk Art

  Antique Indo-Persian Miniatures ~ Mogul School Miniatures
  African Hand Carved Figurative Stool
  Hand Carved Springer Spaniel Art Work
  Hand Carved Great Dane Sculpture
  Hand Carved Shar Pei Dog

Nature Hands us Beautiful Shapes, Textures, Colors, and Intrigue. Some Natural Elements may Owe Their Design to an Underlying Purpose of Enabling it's own Existence and Reproduction.  Others may be the Result of Forces and Interactions of Elements Within Nature, Itself.  There can be Beauty and Aesthetics in All Natural Elements - Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral - A Beauty Deserving of Display.  Minerals, Rocks and Stones. Antlers, Horns, Skulls, and Bones, Twigs, Branches, Pods, and Leaves, Undersea Creatures and Formations.

Recently Added Natural Elements

  Axis Deer Antlers
  Pair of Fallow Antlers and Sheep Horn
  Pair of Large Fallow Deer Antlers
  Paired and Single Antlers
  Stones, Gourds, Natural Objects

Selections of Dolls, Toys, and Games Focus on a Certain Hand Crafted Charm, Folk Quality, Good Design and Graphics, and Decorative Value, both Vintage and Antique.

Recently Added Dolls Toys & Games

  Antique Painted Cloth Animal Toys
  Vintage Collectible Playthings
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Religious Finds Attempts to Include Objects Which Represent Any and All Spiritual Beliefs Regarding Super Human Powers and Governors of the Universe.  Expanding to Include Amulets, Reliquaries, Shrines, Retablos, Santos, Manuscripts and Folders, Hands of Fatima, Menorahs, Crosses, and Much More. Mythological and Non-Religious Pagan Figures and Objects may Also be Represented.

Recently Added Religious

  Religious Manuscript Folder and Religious Plaques
  Religious Plaques
  Mosaic Crosses
  Hand Crafted Crosses
  Rustic Mirrored Crosses

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