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 Jewelry Necklaces I 

Fanciful and Bold, These One-of-a-Kind Designer Jewelry Necklaces are Handmade Using Old Costume Jewelry, Czech Wedding Beads, Dutch and Venetian Glass Trade Beads, Antique Chevron Beads, and Vintage Buttons, Both Celluloid as well as Bakelite.

Whether It is the Gala Event Beaded Necklace of Faceted Crystal, Rhinestones, and Vintage Glass Beads, The Ethnic Fashion Accessory Necklace of Trade Beads, Metal Tribal Tassels and Amulets, or That Vintage Button Chunky Necklace, You May Just Steal the Show!

Unique Jewelry, Style with Flair Necklaces Designed and Handcrafted by Carol Tate in the Artisanaworks Studio, Texas Hill Country, USA.

  Colorful Vintage Beads Necklace
  Vintage Seed Bead Necklace
  Mali Trade Bead Necklace

  Bakelite Button Beaded Necklace
  Costume Jewelry Glass Bead Necklace
  Antique Star Rosetta Chevron Bead Necklace
  Mali Wedding Bead Trade Bead Necklace


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