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Bowls Vases Plates 

Fleur-de-Lis is not About Prissy, Ostentatious, nor Pretense and Gilding the Lily, so to Speak.  If One has Taste buds for Hand Cut Lead Crystal or Limoges Porcelain Encrusted with 18 Karat Gold, It Probably will not be Found Here.  Shop Fleur-de-Lis Flea for Worldly Hand Hammered Metal Bowls and Vessels, Clean Lined Mid Century Vases, for Vintage and Collectible Mexican Plates and Bowls, for Vases, Bowls, and Plates with Good Lines and Artful  Glazes, and for Art Glass.  Chic and Artful Containers for Home Decor and the Floral Stylist.

  Metal Bowls and Vases Vessels
  Metal Bowls and Lidded Container
  Brass Clam Shell Bowl
  Unique Black Containers
  Asian Crackle Glaze Vase
  Asian Decor Plates & Bowl
  Sushi Plates & Teapot Set
  Fifties Ceramics
  Contemporary Aqua Serving Dish
  Modern Vases & Vintage Plate
  Majolica Plate & Basket Bowl
  Nesting Mexican Bowls
  Mexican Collector Plate
  Vintage Mexican Pottery
  Jelly Mould Bowls & Wall Cup
  Blue and White Ceramics
  Blue Porcelain Vase
  Frosted Glass Vessel
  Qing Dynasty Porcelain Bowl
  Lidded Ceramic Jars
  Fluted Scalloped Ceramic Bowls
  Vintage Modern Ceramic Vases
  Country Crocks, Jugs, Bottle
  Ceramic Pot and Coconut and Cinnamon Bowl
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