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 Jewelry Bracelets 

Artsy, Handmade, One-of-a-Kind Fashion Accessories - Beaded Bracelets Combining Vintage Beads, Buttons, Baubles, and Bangles.  Recycled and Reclaimed Goods Such as Vintage Plastic, Vintage Glass, Metal Chain, Coral, and Retro Jewelry Comprise the Majority of This Green Fashion Jewelry.  Occasionally, Irresistible New Beads, Such as Chunky Turquoise, and Antler Beads will Find Their Way Into a Bracelet.

Artisanawear Style With Flair Accessories for Many an Occasion.

  Beaded Metal Chain Bracelet
  Metal Beaded Bracelet
  Metal Beads Charm Bracelet

  Emerald Glass Beads Bracelet

  Blue Frit Bead Cuff Bracelet

  Red Lucite Beads Bracelet
  Antler Beads Bracelet

  Chunky Vintage Bead Bracelet

  Chunky Glass Bead Bracelet


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