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A Large Selection of Home and Garden Decor Containers. From Industrial Metal Bins, Buckets, and Tubs for Home and Garden to Tins, Trunks, Boxes, and Cases for Display, Storage and Organizing.  Pots, Bowls, Vases, Plates, Pitchers and Urns  as Decorative Home Accessories, as Collectibles, and for use in Floral Design. American Indian Baskets, Ethnic African and Asian Baskets.  Moroccan Trays, Copper Cookware, Plus.


If You are Looking for the Real Thing in Industrial Bins, Naturally Patinaed Galvanized Buckets and Tubs, Wrought Iron Containers, and Old Copper Buckets, Fleur-de-Lis Flea is with You.  This is True Grit, and Don’t Come Looking for the New, Mass Produced Cutesy Knock-offs.  We Won't Go There.  Instead, Relish in the Natural Dusty Patinas, Oxidized Metal, and the Perfectly Imperfect.  These are Containers with Character and Age.  Get that Warm, Rustic Look in the Garden, Garden Shed, on the Patio or Deck.  Bring the Vintage Industrial Look to Your Interior Decor with Bins and Buckets for Organizing.

Recently Added Bins Buckets Tubs

  Rustic Metal Garden Containers
  Industrial Galvanized Bins
  Old Galvanized Pitcher
  Old Copper Bucket
  Wrought Iron Bin

From Vintage Collectible Tins to Wood and Metal Trunks, Boxes and Cases of Every Style and Configuration, it's About Organizing, Storing and Adding Character to Your Abode.  Old Luggage, as well.

Recently Added Tins Trunks Boxes

  Vintage Seafarer's Paper Covered Box
  Three Footlockers or Trunks
  Wooden Army Footlockers / Trunks
  Blue Black Metal Trunk
  Vintage Instrument Case

Fleur-de-Lis is not About Prissy, Ostentatious, nor Pretense and Gilding the Lily, so to Speak.  If One has Taste buds for Hand Cut Lead Crystal or Limoges Porcelain Encrusted with 18 Karat Gold, It Probably will not be Found Here.  Shop Fleur-de-Lis Flea for Worldly Hand Hammered Metal Bowls and Vessels, Clean Lined Mid Century Vases, for Vintage and Collectible Mexican Plates and Bowls, for Vases, Bowls, and Plates with Good Lines and Artful  Glazes, and for Art Glass.  Chic and Artful Containers for Home Decor and the Floral Stylist.

Recently Added Bowls Vases Plates

  Ceramic Pot and Coconut and Cinnamon Bowl
  Country Crocks, Jugs, Bottle
  Vintage Modern Ceramic Vases
  Fluted Scalloped Ceramic Bowls
  Lidded Ceramic Jars

Vases and Urns with Worldly Appeal in Home Decor. From Classical, to Hispano Moresque, to Turkish, and Beyond.  From Domestic Cottage Country, to Euro, to the Exotic in Flavor.   Old and Older Baskets of Tribal, American Indian, Asian and South Seas Origin.  Flavorful Hand Made Decor.

Recently Added Pitchers Urns Baskets

  Beefy Handled Basket
  Lidded Pine Needle Basket
  Woven Grass Basket
  Heavy Reed Basket
  Chinese Sewing Basket

From Classic Tin Lined Turkish Cookware to Exotic Moroccan Metal Trays.  Throw in Some Copper Molds and Cups, Enameled Cookware, and Trays of Many Persuasions.  These Finds Meld Aesthetics with the Functional.

Recently Added Cookware Trays

  Old Tin Lined Copper Cookware
  Footed Moroccan Metal Tray
  Moroccan Brass Trays
  Nesting Enamel Cookware
  Copper Moulds

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