Wraps and Scarves V  
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 Wraps and Scarves V 
Artisanawear Big Scarves, Long Scarves, Extra Long Scarves, Wraps
Potpourri of Colors

Mix and Match With These Distinctive, Eco Friendly, Big and Long Scarves.  All the Neckwear Wraps, and Scarves Below are Hand Made From Recycled Textiles and Remnant Fabric, Reclaimed Apparel, with Remnant or Vintage Trims, or Hand woven Fabric, Which are all Individually Sourced.   

Scarves That Incorporate an Artful Approach to Print and Pattern Mixing.  Big, Long Scarves That may Double as a Shawl, Wrap, a Turban or Head Scarf, an Obi or Twisted as a Belt.   Wrap Around and Around, Wrap and Tie, Twist, or Simply Let Hang From the Shoulders.

Scarves of Unique Fabrics and Trims…Scarves Celebrating the Hand of African Weavers… Moroccan as well as Nigerian.

  Fringed Scarf KK

  Mint With Prints Scarf MM
  Velvet Scarf ~ Wrap NN
  Stretchy Slinky Scarf OO

  Hand Woven Scarf PP
  Aso Oke Wrap


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