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Wall Decor 

Embellished Art Mirrors, Mirrors and Picture Frames in a variety of Flavors.  Framed Prints, Frame Worthy  Posters, Prints, Fine Art Prints, Photographs, Sheet Music, and More.  Wall Hung Planters for the Garden, Wall Shelves, Brackets, Hangers, Rods, Bars and Racks for Many Applications.


Frames and Framed Mirrors can be Powerful Elements in Tying Together a Room's Decor.  Meander Through an Array of Antique, Old World Mirrors and Frames, Hand Painted and Embellished Art Frames, Vintage and Modern Frames and Mirrors.  Frames of Gold and Gilt, Hammered Copper Frames, Tiled Frames, Silvered, and Frames Embellished with Shells, Nail Heads, and More.

Recently Added Art Mirrors & Frames

  Two Antique Gilt Frames
  Robust Gilt Mirror
  Arts and Crafts Copper Mirror
  Silvered Mirror Glass
  Antique Carved Frame in White

Whether a Print of an Original Artwork, Photograph, Photographic Print, Map, a Poster, or Perhaps Old Sheet Music, These Two Dimensional Works will add Interest as Wall Decor, and Assist in Setting the Flavor of a Space.  Find Framed as well as Un-Framed Works, Here.

Recently Added Prints & Photos

  Outsiders Photograph Poster by Anthony Crickmay
  Cordoba, Espana Photograph by Alan Blaustein
  Alan Blaustein ~ Framed Photo ~ Sevilla, Espana
  1853 Map of Buxton, Maine
  Currier and Ives Print

If it Hangs on a Wall and Holds or Displays a Plant, Books, Artwork and Collectibles, or Something of Mass, This is the Place to Look.  Here, One will Find Wall Shelves and Brackets, Wall Planters, Display Shelves, Wall Caddies and the Like.

Recently Added Wall Shelves / Planters

  Arts and Crafts Wall Shelf
  Wall Hung Planter
  Painted Ethnic Shelf
  Rustic Moroccan Shelf
  Wall Planters and Caddies

Searching for a Wall Mounted Rack to Hang Your Hat and Coat?  Hangers for Lanterns or Pots and Pans?  Looking for Bars or Rods to Display a Rug or Textile?  Maybe a Swinging Hanger or Plant Hanger? Check out These Uncommon Finds.

Recently Added Hangers Rods Racks

  Railroad Date Nails
  Rustic Cedar Hanging Rods
  Wrought Iron Hangers
  Brass Pot Rack
  Barn Wood Coat Racks

Ornamental and Unusual Finds to Display on One's Wall to Assist in Carrying out a Theme.  Objects which may be Reclaimed Parts and Pieces, Elements Possessing  Worthy Design  or Character.  Wondrous Finds with Decorative Value.

Recently Added Ornament

  Cowboy, Ranch, and Western Decor
  Railroad Date Nails
  Antique Carvings & Antique Stove Vent & Horseshoes
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