Jewelry Necklaces II  
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 Jewelry Necklaces II 

Artisanawear Beaded Designer Necklaces in a Host of Flavors.  From Hip, Chunky Metal Jewelry, to Earthy Artisan Necklaces of Raku Ceramic Beads; From the Bold and Colorful of Multi-Colored Vintage Glass Trade Beads, to a Tribal Flavor With Old Frit Beads and Kouchi Metal Beads; Even Chunky Necklaces of Bakelite and Celluloid Vintage Buttons.  Distinctive, Original Fashion Accessories for the Individualist.

Each Jewelry Necklace is a One-of-a-Kind, Made from Reclaimed and Recycled Finds.

Whatever the Occasion, These Fashion Accessory Necklaces Speak of Independent Style With Flair.  Designer Necklaces Handmade by Carol Tate in the Artisanaworks Studio, Texas Hill Country, USA.

  Vintage Bead | Button Necklace
  Raku Beads Necklace
  Bakelite Vintage Bead Necklace

  Raku Bead Artisan Necklace

  Chunky Metal Beaded Necklace

  Metal Chain Beaded Necklace
  Metal Beaded Chain Necklace

  Emerald Green Beaded Necklace

  Tribal Ethnic Beaded Necklace


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