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Shipping:  Orders Currently Ship via USPS or Most Reliable and Cost Effective Carrier. Standard Shipping is by First Class, Parcel Post/Ground, Though We are Happy to Accommodate any Advance Request for Expedited Service.  We Do Not Ship Using Customer Accounts.  Shipping Charges are not Included in the Price of Merchandise.  Due to the Variety of Unique Products Available on Our Site, Eight Shipping Regions, and Ever Changing Carrier Charges, Automated and Exact Shipping Costs Can Not Be Configured in Advance. We Make a Conscientious Attempt to Keep Costs Down, with the Use of the Smallest Box Possible. We are “Green” Shippers Whenever Possible, So, Your Item May Arrive in a Pre-Used/Recycled Box.   We Admit That it May Not be Gorgeous, But We Care About Reducing Our Impact on the Environment, and at the Same Time, Lowering Your Shipping Cost!  Shipping to a Commercial Address May Save on Your Shipping Cost.  Keep in Mind That the Shipping Cost on Small Ticket Orders May be Relatively High, and Occasionally May Equal or Exceed the Cost of the Merchandise.

Handling Fees:  These are Charged on Top of the Carrier Charges, and Include, but are not Limited to: Minimal Charges for Packing Supplies, Packing, In-House Processing, Transport to Local P.O. (if Shipped USPS).  Fees Charged the Merchant by the Credit Card Industry for Customer’s Credit Card Payment of Shipping Charges (Authorization Fees, Cart Fees, Per Transaction Fees, Access Fees, and Credit Card Issuing Bank and Credit Card Processor Charges) will be Added to the Base Carrier Cost for Shipping.  We Only Attempt to Cover Our Costs, Here.

Insurance:  Most  Shipments are Insured in Transit; All Orders Shipped with Confirmation of Delivery, or Tracking. 

Delivery:  Customer’s Shipping Charges Receipt is Sent via Email, and will State the Date Your Order is Given to the Carrier for Shipment and Delivery. Ship Receipts are Also included with the Order When Possible. Tracking Numbers Provided Upon Request.  Customer will  Inform Artisanaworks if Certain Delivery Dates are Not Desired. Artisanaworks is More Than Happy to Accommodate You.  Shipments to Third Parties or to an Address Other Than Bill To Address, may Require Signature Upon Delivery. Signature is Required By USPS on Orders Over $200.00;  Other Carriers Also Have Similar Requirements.  Please be Advised that Customer or Other Must Sign for Delivery of Larger Ticket Orders.  Customer Will Respond Promptly to any “Attempt to Deliver Notice”.  Should Untimely or Lack of Response to Such Notice by Customer Lead to the Return of Order to Artisanaworks, Customer is Responsible for Payment of Original Shipping Charge, Re-Route/Return Transit Costs, Second Attempt Shipping Charges, and any and all Necessary Repackaging, and Handling Fees.

International Orders:  Artisanaworks Adheres to Federal Restrictions Regarding Bans and Embargos.  Customer will not Order Items Banned by the “Ship To” Country, nor Order Goods Shipped to a Country with US Embargo Status.  A Customs Form Fee will Apply.  Ship To Name and Address Must be Same as Bill To Name and Address.  No Cancellations, Returns, Exchanges, Store Credits on Orders Placed or Shipped Outside the USA.  Payment of Duties, Fees, Taxes, and Tariffs are the Responsibility of Customer.

Customer Understands Artisanaworks Makes a Conscientious Attempt to Keep Shipping Costs to a Minimum, and in Placing an Order, Authorizes Artisanaworks to Charge Customer Shipping/Handling/Insurance to Facilitate Timely  Delivery of Their Purchase, and to Charge Customer’s Credit Card Without Prior Presentation or Notice to the Customer of Exact Shipping/Handling Cost Total.  For Inquiries, Please Email or call Toll Free 1-877-441-5509.