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Architectural Salvage 

Building Salvage and Reclaimed Architectural Elements Including Ironwork Fencing, Gates, Doors and Windows, Tiles, Ornamental Ironwork, Hardware, Brackets and Corbels, Shutters, and Other Elements to Add That Special Touch to Home and Garden.


A Few Good Old Doors and Windows.  Uncommon Doors for Uncommon Spaces. Midget Doors and Cabinet Doors.  Primitive Carved Doors and Designer Doors.  Salvaged Windows of Distinction.

Recently Added Windows & Doors

  Antique Mediterranean Louvered Shutters
  Primitive Door Plank
  Salvaged Cabinet Doors
  Mexican Cabinet Doors
  Little Panel Door

A Collection of Salvaged Old Architectural Hardware and New Old Stock Hooks, Hinges, Knobs, Decorative Nails and Door Knockers.  Modern, Ethnic, Antique, and Vintage Hardware to Add a Special Touch to That Project.

Recently Added Hardware

  Door Knockers & Brass Pulls
  Moroccan Door Knockers
  Decorative Clavos / Nails
  Antique Hardware
  Metal Hooks

From Old, Hand Wrought Moroccan Grilles and Metal Gates to Distinctive Fence Railings.  Add Character to Both Home and Garden with Old, Salvaged Ornamental Iron.

Recently Added Ornamental Iron

  Ironwork Railings & Gate
  French Ironwork
  Wrought Iron Grille
  Heart and Scroll Ironworks
  Ornamental Ironwork Grille

A Small Selection of Distinctive Old Tiles as Accent Pieces in Home and Garden Decor. Looks for Lots of Broken Tiles for Use in Outdoor Walkways and Mosaic Projects... More to Come!  This Section will Grow as I Photo and Post More of My Finds.

Recently Added Tiles

  European Tiles
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