Guide to Ordering Custom Pillows  
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Guide to Ordering Custom Pillows

The Artisanaworks Pillow Workroom intends to furnish reliable estimates and quotes for your custom made decorative pillow project.  Even the veteran Interior designer may find this Guide to Ordering Custom Pillows helpful as a checklist for presenting information and specifications to assist Carol Tate in figuring your project cost.

If you wish to email photos or links, you are encouraged to do so.  Memo samples, fabric swatches, or shots of showroom wing samples help to reduce guesswork, and may be requested.

Please be prepared to furnish the following information regarding your proposed custom pillow project:

  • COM Fabric and Trim
    • Fabric Line, Name, Number, Color
    • Pattern Repeat ~ both vertical, horizontal, and if drop repeat
    • Width of fabric
    • Character and type ~ Use words such as lightweight, medium, heavy, thin, robust, stiff, stretchy, drape, pile, pile with nap, solid, patterned, knubby, tapestry, embroidery, hand woven, hand printed, plain weave, velvet, mohair, antique or vintage etc. Describe trim.
    • Fiber content
    • Special Issues ~ Does it fray easily?  Is it backed?  If pillow is to be washed, it must be pre-shrunk and professionally pressed in advance.
    • Cut ~ Railroaded or Lengthwise up the roll?
  • Style
    • Knife-edge, boxed, cylindrical bolster?
  • Use
    • Purely decorative or needed for support?
    • Where and how it will be used?
    • Desired feel ~ Limp and under-stuffed, full and plump yet squishy, firm, extra firm?
  • Edges
    • Plain seam.
    • Self welt or contrast welt.
    • Sewn in flange with mitered corners, exposed seam flange, wrap around (from back) flange, ruffled, double flange, contrast fabric flange.
    • Trim ~ sewn in seam, applied to pillow face, or inset from edges.
  • Corners
    • If Rabbit Ears are desired, please specify. Otherwise, your corners will be cut and sewn to minimize the pointy corner.
    • Slightly rounded, butterfly or flared open pleat, sewn closed French pleat, French or Turkish pleat not sewn closed, gathered or bunched.
  • Closure
    • Hand stitched, zipper, hidden zipper, button with loop or bound buttonhole, ties.
    • Flap-over closures should have one of the above or Velcro to guard against bulging open.
    • Machine made buttonholes not offered.
  • Size
    • Furnish finished seam to seam dimension, not visual size.
    • Knife edge pillows will be visually smaller than the seam to seam measurement, and how much smaller depends upon dimensions and plumpness.
    • Boxed pillows if very flat will be visually same size; smaller if pillow is domed and fat.  Be sure to include boxing width desired, as well.

Carol is happy to discuss your custom decorative pillow project, and offers toll-free answers to your questions regarding her designer workroom services. You may email your inquiry, as well.