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Soft Goods 

Soft Goods Home Decor, Home Furnishings, Home Accessories and Statement Fashion and Fashion Accessories. Showroom Sample Decorative Pillows, Re Conditioned Decorative Pillows, Antique and Vintage Textiles and Lace, Linens, Tassels and Trim, Rugs and Carpets.  Select Statement Vintage Fashion Coats, Ethnic Wear Apparel, Evening Dress, Pumps, Belts, Hats, Handbags.


Sample Pillows and Almost New Post-Consumer Decorative Pillows.  Many have new Down and Feather Inserts.  A Little Old World Flavor, a Little Contemporary in These Select Flea Find Pillows.

Recently Added Pillows

  Antique Carpet Pillows and Old World Pillow
  New Pillows & Bolster
  Prints and Solids Pillows
  Faux Fur Pillows
  Silk & Tapestry Pillows

Vintage and Antique Textiles, Lace, Linens, Tassels and Trims are Some of the Goods Offered, Here. Textile Needlepoints, Embroideries, Patchwork Makings, Applique, Hand Woven and Hand Dyed Textiles From Various Periods and Various Origins.

Recently Added Textile Goods

  Laotian Silk on Cotton Textiles
  Uzbek Suzani Textile Remnants
  Antique Moroccan Embroidery
  Large Needlepoint Textile
  Vintage Kuba Skirt Textiles

New, Old, and Slightly Flawed Rugs and Carpets.  From Kilims and Knotted Carpets to Hooked and Woven Rugs in a Variety of Flavors.

Recently Added Rugs & Carpets

  Vintage Hooked Rug
  Kilim Carpet
Coming Soon  Coming Soon Coming Soon  Coming Soon Coming Soon  Coming Soon

Select Vintage and Statement Ladies Clothing and Accessories.  Amongst the Mix are Tops, Skirts, Dresses, Jackets and Coats.  Handbags, Pumps, Scarves, Belts and Hats.  Look, Also, for Exquisite Moroccan Embroidered Dress.  All with a Certain Style and Flair!

Recently Added Wearables

  Double D Suede Evening Jacket
  Ethnic Apparel
  Retro Party Dress & Cocktail Dress
  Vintage Dress Coat & Velveteen Coat
  Ladies Fur Coats

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