Cornflower Scarf AA  
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Cornflower Scarf AA

In: Cornflower Blue, White, With Hints of Ginger and Tangerine

Of: Eco Friendly Recycled, Washed and Shrunken Fabric Remnants and Reclaimed Apparel: Rayon, Polyester,  Remnant Lace, Vintage Trim, Frayed Fabric Strips

Care: Easy.  Hand Wash Cool, Twist and Knot for Crinkle Effect, Toss in Clothes Dryer, Medium Heat

Notes: Artisanawear Scarf in Cornflower Blue and White with Accents of Ginger and Tangerine.  Fringed and Frayed Recycled and Reclaimed Apparel, and Fabric, Combine With Lace and Trim to Create This Spring/Summer Fashion Accessory. Scarf Sewn as Long, Open Ended Cylinder: Lightweight. A Playful, Wearable Art Scarf in Classic Blue and White.

Size: 7” x 50”  

Was:  $175.00

Now:  $49.00