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Textile Goods 

Vintage and Antique Textiles, Lace, Linens, Tassels and Trims are Some of the Goods Offered, Here. Textile Needlepoints, Embroideries, Patchwork Makings, Applique, Hand Woven and Hand Dyed Textiles From Various Periods and Various Origins.

  Laotian Silk on Cotton Textiles
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Afghani   African   African Fabric   Antique   Applique   Asian   Asian Design Motif   Aso Oke   Batik   Black   Blue   Blue And White   Chocolate   Cinnamon   Cotton   Crochet   Damask   Embellished   Embroidery   Ethnic   Fringe   Gold   Green   Green.yellow   Hand Crafted   Hand Dyed   Hand Woven   Handmade   Home Decor   Japanese Fabric   Kuba Cloth   Lace   Laotian   Linen   Lurex   Metallic   Moroccan   Moss   Needle Point   Netting   Off White   Olde World   Patchwork   Peach   Pink   Polka Dots   Purses   Raffia   Rayon   Red   Remnant Fabric   Remnant Trim   Sage   Scarves   Silk   Silver   Straw   Strip Weave Cloth   Supplementary Weft   Tablecloths   Tangerine   Tassels   Textile   Trims   Victorian   Vintage   Vintage Fabric   Vintage Trim   Wheat   White   Wine   Wool   Woven