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Antique Moroccan Embroidery

This is an Antique Textile Hand Embroidered in Morocco, and for Preservation, has been Delicately Hand Stitched to a Backing of Cream Colored Silk.  Most of the Embroidery is in Satin Stitched Brown and Off White Silk Thread on a Semi-Sheer Silk Ground.  The Textile is Edged with Intricate Needlework.

This is a Textile Worthy of Framing, with the Aged Silk Adding to the Aura of the Traditional Moroccan Embroidery Passed down Through the Generations.  Exquisite Work is still being done in Morocco today, but with the Recent Re-Surge in Popularity of Moroccan Goods, I have Begun to see Lesser Quality Work Entering the Scene.

My Vision for this Textile is to Frame in a Simple, Narrow Moulding Frame, Allowing the Silk Fabric Backing to Create a Border Around the Textile, and Finishing at 26" x 26".

Antique Moroccan Embroidery  $98.00
Embroidery Measures:  20.5" x 20.5"
Backing Measures:  27.5" x 27.5"

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