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Artisanaworks ~ What's It All About? 

The word “Artisan” was taken from the French word of like spelling, which was taken from the Italian word,  “Artigiano”.  Artisan in Spanish is Artesano (masculine), and Artesana (feminine). All mean a craftsperson…a skilled maker of hand-made goods, which can be functional goods, purely decorative goods, or both.  So, Artisanaworks is a Focus on Works Made by Hand.

Artisanaworks really began many years ago when owner, Carol Tate was hand-dying linen for her creations of textile wall art.  At that point, and later when Tate was building hand-crafted custom upholstered seating for the interior design trade in Seattle, the business was known simply as Carol Tate Company.

In the early 1990’s Carol Tate Company moved to the “Belltown” area of downtown Seattle, and expanded with a showroom which focused on hand made home décor, and treasures hand selected at flea markets.  Between 1998 and 2001, Tate did buying trips to Morocco, adding to the mix with Moroccan hand made goods, or as the Customs Form read…”Artisanal”.  It was then that CTC became Artisanaworks.  See Carol’s bio here in a colorful photo presentation.

For Carol, hand-crafted works have a soul which is non-existent in the mass-produced.  A glimpse of the maker shines through.  An object which is the result of a creative mind, skilled hands, and eyes that work as a guide.

Artisanaworks, now, is almost entirely e-commerce; A one-woman endeavor, operating from a Workroom / Studio and mini-warehouse based outside a small town in the Texas Hill Country. In essence, Artisanaworks is a creative design marketplace offering “Artisanawear”…artful one-of-a-kind wearables and flavorful fashion accessories, as well as “Artisanaware”…unique home décor.

For the creation, administration, and launch of the new site, all credit goes to Jason Tate, who has injected his creative touch and “know-how” to the website’s design and implementation.

  • Artisanaworks is about hand-made, about one-of-a-kind exclusive designs by Carol Tate.
  • Artisanaworks is about Made in America by an American.
  • Artisanaworks is about fashion apparel and fashion accessories; about home fashion and décor.
  • Artisanaworks is about thinking and living “green” and being ecologically responsible.
  • Artisanaworks is about quality crafted goods, innovation, good design, artful design.
  • Artisanaworks Fleur-de-Lis Flea is about unique post consumer goods and furnishings, hand-selected by Carol Tate.
  • Artisanaworks is about independent style with flair.

Watch for Future Posts from Tate.

Posted on Thursday, June 09, 2011 @ 12:58:28 EDT by Artisanaworks
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Artisanaworks Blog Artisanaworks ~ What's It All About?