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Bins Buckets Tubs 

If You are Looking for the Real Thing in Industrial Bins, Naturally Patinaed Galvanized Buckets and Tubs, Wrought Iron Containers, and Old Copper Buckets, Fleur-de-Lis Flea is with You.  This is True Grit, and Don’t Come Looking for the New, Mass Produced Cutesy Knock-offs.  We Won't Go There.  Instead, Relish in the Natural Dusty Patinas, Oxidized Metal, and the Perfectly Imperfect.  These are Containers with Character and Age.  Get that Warm, Rustic Look in the Garden, Garden Shed, on the Patio or Deck.  Bring the Vintage Industrial Look to Your Interior Decor with Bins and Buckets for Organizing.

  Galvanized Garden Planters
  Old Galvanized Buckets
  Wrought Iron Bin
  Old Copper Bucket
  Old Galvanized Pitcher
  Industrial Galvanized Bins
  Rustic Metal Garden Containers
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