Wraps and Scarves III  
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 Wraps and Scarves III 
Artisanawear Big Scarves, Long Scarves, Extra Long Scarves, Wraps and Boas
Black, White, Red

Mix and Match With These Distinctive, Eco Friendly, Big and Long Scarves, Wraps and Boas.  All are Hand Made From Recycled Textiles and Remnant Fabric, Reclaimed Apparel, with Remnant or Vintage Trims, Which are all Individually Sourced.  

Scarves That Incorporate an Artful Approach to Print and Pattern Mixing.  Big, Long Scarves That may Double as a Wrap, Shawl, a Turban or Head Scarf, an Obi or Twisted as a Belt.   Wrap Around and Around, Wrap and Tie, Twist, or Simply Let Hang From the Shoulders.

So Easy Care, Too…Just Hand Wash, Twist, Knot, and Toss in Dryer. The Look is Wrinkly and Crinkled, so When not Being Worn, Store Twisted and Knotted in a Ball.  Twist and Knot Tightly. For a Narrower Scarf…Twist and Knot Loosely for a Wider Scarf.

From the Artisanaworks Workroom, Texas Hill Country, USA.

  Maraschino Scarf T
  Print Mix Scarf U
  Art Deco Floral Scarf V

  Long Plisse Scarf W

  Ball Fringe Scarf X

  Polka Dot Print Scarf Y
  Scarf Wrap Turban Z

  French Voile Boa


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