It's a Canvas, You Know...  
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It's a Canvas, You Know... 

Next Time You Stand Before a Mirror, Envision Your Body as a Blank Canvas. The Choices You Make in the Clothes You Select, the Shoes You Slip-on, the Bag You Take, and the Jewelry You Wear Paint a Picture of Who You are. You, in Essence, are Creating a Composition. Elements of Design Such as Color, Texture, Shape, Tone, Line... all Come into Play.

So far, None of us are Cloned, Released from a Mold, Mass-Produced, nor Stamped-Out with a Cookie Cutter. Each of us is an Individual, a One-of-a-Kind. And why not let one's Jewelry Express This.

One of the Things I do is Create One-of-a-Kind Jewelry, and from a Variety of Old, Vintage, Hand Made, and Sometimes Unusual Materials. I React to Certain Qualities in, say, a Vintage Plastic Button, a Handmade Ceramic Bead, or Old Glass Bead. I call my Fashion Accessory Jewelry “Artisanawear. The Newly Manufactured and Mass Produced don't seem to have the IT Factor. IT is a Distinctive Quality, a Soul, a History, a Richness.

So, Let's Get Out the Brushes. Leave Run-of-the-Mill and Mass-Produced Fashion Accessories Behind, Express Your Individuality, and Let Yourself Shine Through the Crowd.

L-R: Striped Beads Necklace, Bakelite Vintage Bead Necklace

Left: “Madame Zebra” Necklace: You are Bold, Like to Party, and Wear Black Well. Czech Beads, 50-60 Years old. Hard to Find Pyramidal and Claw, the Latter Being a Protective Bead. Much Social and World Trade History Behind These Beads.

Right: “Buttoned Up” Necklace: Again, You are a Party Girl, and Love Being the Center of Attention, and Having a Good Time. This Necklace will Spur More Conversation as well as Being Your Own Wearable Button Collection.

L-R: Chunky Metal Beaded Necklace, Metal Beaded Chain Necklace

Left: “Titan” Necklace: You may be Strong and Aggressive, Like Silver Metal Accessories, even Leaning Toward Punk and Metal Studs.

Right: “Locked Up in Chains” Necklace: You Love the Limelight, the Performance, and the Excitement of Groups. You may be Successful in Marketing or Advertising, You Have a Playful Spirit.

L-R: Tribal Ethnic Beaded Necklace, Turquoise Jewelry Necklace

Left: “Blue Frit Beads” Necklace: You are Learned of Ethnic Cultures, Artistically Inclined, and Perhaps Collect Treasures from Around the World. Whether or not These are Blue Frit, the History of Frit is an Enticing, Amazing Story. An Ethnic Necklace with Tribal Metal Tassel Stems and Beads.

Right: “Chunky Turquoise” Necklace: If you were Born in December, this is Your Stone, with Turquoise from the Southwest as well as Tibet. You have a Flair for the Arts, and Support Creativity. You Probably have Entrepreneurial Instincts, and are Learned and Successful. An Artsy Necklace, with Refinement, Whether Worn with Jeans Shopping, or Combined with a Suit in a Boardroom.

L-R: Emerald Green Beaded Necklace, Costume Jewelry Glass Bead Necklace

Left: “Green With Envy” Necklace: You Love Color and Glamour. The Vintage Brass Fluted Bobbles Combined With Vintage Seed Beads in a Classic Drape is Most Flattering, Especially with Dark Coloring and with Redheads. This Necklace has a “Go With” Bracelet, as well.

Right: “Show Stopper” Beaded Necklace: All the Best of Vintage Costume Jewelry I've Collected has Gone into this Multi-Strand Necklace. A Fashion Accessory for a Confident and Adventurous Woman with an Eye for the Glitter of Yesteryear, and who Thrills in Costuming.

L-R: Moroccan Silver Metal Choker, Beaded Wire Choker, Rhinestone Black Netting Choker

Left: “Berber Bangles” Choker: You are Exotic, Striking, and Beautiful... or Wish to be. Your Taste Leans Toward Fashion with a Worldly Ethnic or Even Tribal Influence. This Choker was Made from what was Once a Berber Moroccan Headband Combined with Hand Made Afghani Kouchi Tribe Chain. Adjustable, with Hand Crafted Hook and Loop Closure.

Center: “Cerulean Blue Beads” Choker: You are Open-Minded, Dimensional, and Love Experimentation. One does not have to be a Blue-Eyed Blonde to be Flattered by this Necklace... Virtually Fab with all Types of Coloring. Accent the Blues and Blue-Greens in an Outfit, or Put a Zing of Cerulean Blue Against Complementary Solid Colors, such as Tangerine, Red Wine, Deep Forest Green, Purple, Black, or Rust.

Right: “Glam Girl” Choker: You are Daring, Have a Youthful Spirit, Flirtatious, and Love “Dressing Up”. You are Drawn to Sparkles and Theatrical, Edgy Modern Dress, Especially if it Includes Black Lace and Black Netting.

Artisanawear Fashion Accessory Bracelets

Bold and Distinctive, Colorful and Flavorful Fashion Accessory Bracelets. Many of These Artisanawear Bracelets Coordinate with the Artisanawear Necklaces and Chokers Available, and Each has its own Personality... Just as We Do.

Adorn Yourself and Define Yourself with Artisanawear Jewelry, and Have Fun Painting Your Own Canvas... A Portrait of Who You Are.

Carol Tate

Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 @ 17:16:51 EST by Artisanaworks
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