Patchwork Quilt Remnants  
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Patchwork Quilt Remnants

Vintage Quilt Blocks and Quilt Remnants , all in Vintage Fabric Plaids and Cotton Calicos.  Textile Remnants Offer Great Possibilities for Pillows.


Plaid Vintage Quilt Blocks:  At Least Seven Different Vintage Fabric Plaids Combine in a Collection of Pre-Sewn Quilt Blocks.  Nine 12” x 12” Blocks with Extra Pieces.  $ 18.50


Vintage Quilt Cut for Pillows:  Delightful Pattern and Colors in This Cut-Up Quilt made of Vintage Calico Fabrics and Cotton Muslin.  Hand Quilted Pieces Backed in Yellow.  Five Cut Pieces from 14.5” x 23” to 15.5” x 20”, Plus Remnants.  Great Country Flavor.  $ 42.50 for all