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Primitive Folk Art Ceramic Ware

I Label These Ceramic Pitchers, Vessels, Vase, and Bowl Primitive Folk Art.  What is to be Cherished in These Works of Art is an Almost Untamed Creative Spirit in Shape, Combination of Colors, and Surface Manipulation.... and an Ingenious Naiveté Which is Charming, and Uncorrupted by Controls and Disciplines.  Each Ceramic Primitive Folk Art Piece Shines in Its Own Way.

Clockwise From the 12:00 o’Clock Position:

Vase A:  Cabbage Leaf Ceramic Vase with Fantasy Floral Forms, and a Scalloped Edge.  Wonderful Color Combination of Ochre Gold, and Highlighted with Jade Green, White, and Rose.  The Most Sophisticated of the Wares.  4.5”w x 5”h.  $ 38.50
Winged Pitcher B:  Abstract Art Ceramic Pitcher Signed “Kris”.  Serpent Like Wings Sprout from the Handle, While Similar Wavy Forms Repeat on the Body of the Pitcher.  Loving the Black Interior with Reds, Oranges, White, and a Touch of Grey Glaze on the Outer.  And That Angular, Pointy Spout! 6.5” Spout to Handle, 4”h. $ 40.00
Free Spirit Pitcher C:  A Green and White Coconut Tree in Relief Adorns This Hefty Ceramic Pitcher of Purple Blue and Black.  Signed Bray. Great Shaping of the Spout and Handle.  7” Spout to Handle, 5.5”h. $ 40.00
Footed Bowl D:  I Marvel at the Engineering of this Footed Bowl by Bray.  He has Literally Cut Out Squares from the Walls of the Bowl and Folded Them Down to Create Feet!  Bray Also Installed a Window In his Bowl!!  The Glaze is a Mottled Sienna and Gold with Sienna Lining the Bowl.  3.75” diam x 3”h  $19.50
Primitive Pitcher E:  Bray is Fearless with his Treatment of his Chunky Tangerine and Apricot Pitcher.  Not Only is he not Afraid of Color, but Fearless when it Comes to Plowing “Furrows” into the Ceramic Pitcher Wall!  6.5” Spout to Handle, 5”h  $24.50

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