Antique Indo-Persian Miniatures ~ Mogul School Miniatures  
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Antique Indo-Persian Miniatures ~ Mogul School Miniatures

A Pair of Antique Indo-Persian Hand Painted Miniatures, Mogul School Miniatures.  Though not an Authority on Miniatures, These Antique Gauche Paintings may be 16th to 18th Century.  I have Compared Style, Detailing, Color, Borders, Dress, Landscape, and Subject Matter Through Several Reputable On-Line Sources, Mainly that from the Victoria Albert Museum, Bridgeman Art Library / the Stapleton Collection,  from the Clive Album, which is Quite Expansive.  An Authority on Persian Miniatures Should be Consulted to Obtain a Professional Opinion as to Date and Age.

The Miniatures Depict a Hunting Scene,  Framed by  a Border of Small, Detailed Florals.  The Reverse of Each Painting Contains the Persian Text.  Pages Contain Notes in the Borders, as well as Worm-holes, and Other Signs of Use and Age, Which are Evident in the Close-up Photographs.

Pair of Antique Indo Mogul School - Persian Miniatures  $475.00
Each Measures Approx: 4.5" x 7" overall

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