Folk Art Bell Boy Figure  
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Folk Art Bell Boy Figure

Among the Legacies of Folk Art Pieces were the Carved Life-Size Trade Figures, Designed to Stand at the Entrance to an Establishment.  Perhaps This Bell Boy Standing Folk Art Figure, at one Time, Stood Outside the Entrance to a Hotel.  I Estimate that this Original Folk Art Figure is Late 19th to Early 20th Century. 

When I Found This Folk Art Piece, it was Headless and in Need of Restoration.  So, From the Shoulders Up, Bell Boy has a New Identity.  The Body, Which is Carved From a Tree Trunk is Original, but Has been Restored With Papier Mache and Cardboard Glued as Bracing Internally at Weak Areas.  The Jacket and New Head and Cap are Painted in Milk Paints to Respect the Original Flavor of This Artwork.  Entire Figure has a Coat of Matte Varnish.

I am in Love With Bell Boy’s Stance and Body Proportions.... the Curvature at the Knees, the Styling and Fit of His Jacket and Pants, Legs That Taper Down to Tiny, Little Shoes.  The Original Artist was Delightfully Skilled at Incorporating and Manipulating the Natural Shape of the Tree Trunk to Form the Body.  My Additions, with Collar, Head, Face, and Cap - All of Cardboard, Papier Mache and Fine Artist’s Modeling Paste -Played Off of the Attitude Projected by the Existing Work of Art.  Bell Boy is a Folk Art Treasure.... A Treasure With Soul.

Bell Boy Stands as Tall as I.... at 5’ 4”.  He is 13.5” Wide and 11” in Depth.  For Interior Display, Only.

Bell Boy Standing Folk Art Figure  $ 11,500.00

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