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Wooden Print Blocks

Still in Use Today to Make Hand Printed Fabric, are “Tjaps” or Hand Carved Wooden Print Blocks Such as These. They are Coated With Dye Paste, and Pressed Repeatedly onto the Fabric Surface to Create a Surface Design. These East Indian Hand Carved, Vintage or Antique Print Blocks are a Design Element in Their Own Right. Give Them a Spotlight as Intriguing Décor Objects Arranged on a Shelf or Table. To use in Printing, Be Aware That These Older, Pre-Used Indian Print Blocks may Have a Few Flaws or Chipped Wood Pieces.

From Back Row, Clockwise:

Wooden Print Block A  $ 32.50
Wooden Print Block B  $ 18.50
Wooden Print Block C  $ 22.50
Wooden Print Block D  $ 22.50
Wooden Print Block E  $ 17.50

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