Chinese Brass Plate and Ancient Wine Vessel  
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Chinese Brass Plate and Ancient Wine Vessel

An Old Chinese Heavy Brass Plate with Incised Asian Design Motifs Sits Next to a Cast Iron Replica of an Ancient “Hu” Wine Vessel from the Western Zhou Dynasty, circa 1100-771 BC.

Chinese Brass Plate is Embellished with Delightful Asian Design Motifs of Carp, Bamboo, Vases Sprouting Lotus Flowers, Vine-Like Leaves and More, The Chinese Character in the Center may Refer to A Festive Celebration, Abundant Harvest, or the Like.

The Vessel has been Finished to Simulate the Original Patina of Bronze. Removable Lid.

Chinese Brass Plate:  $ 45.00
Brass Plate Measures 7.25” diam.
Replica Chinese Wine Vessel:  $ 98.00
Vessel Measures 5” w x 10”h.

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