Skulls, Antlers, Coral  
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Skulls, Antlers, Coral

Natural Elements Such as the Possum Skull, Deer Skull, Deer Antlers with Skullcap, and Large Piece of Old Coral add Interest as Décor Whether on the Wall, Resting on a Horizontal Plane, or Grouped in a Vignette or Container.

At Home with Other Natural Materials such as Stone, Concrete, Rustic Wood, Brick, Uncoated Metal, and Dried Plant and Animal Life.... .and also Powerful Contrasting Elements Set In a Contemporary Environment of Smooth Polished Marble, Glass, Stainless Steel, and the Like.

Skull Cap and Antlers  $ 32.50
Deer Skull  $ 19.50
Possum Skull  $ 15.00
Large (as is) Coral  $39.50

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