Axis Deer Antlers  
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Axis Deer Antlers

A Variety of Naturally Shed Axis Deer Antlers for use as Display in Home Decor.

These, Slightly Hump-Back Deer, with Wondrous White Spots were Brought to Texas from India Years Ago, and Roam my Property, often in Good Size Herds of 25-30.

Mature Antlers can Reach Heights of 30 - 36", and up to the Record of 41".

Small Shed Axis Antler  $10.50
Broken Tip
Measures:  6" x 12"
Medium Shed Axis Antler  $15.50
Naturally Broken off at Base
Measures:  8" x 20"
Larger Shed Axis Antler  $28.50
Measures:  6" x 21"

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