Paired and Single Antlers  
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Paired and Single Antlers

Some of the Best Designed Objects are Found in Nature.  This is True of  Antlers. The use of Natural Elements such as These Antlers in Home Decor can call Attention to the Beautiful Designs Inherent in Nature.  Though not an Authority on Antler Identification, I am Familiar with the Texas White Tailed Deer and the Axis Deer.  Occasionally, I will Walk the Property Looking for Antlers that have Naturally been Shed, or Left by Natural Causes to Bleach in the Sun.

Texas is a Hub for Exotic Game Ranching.  These Barrasingha Antlers, Old and Bleached by the Sun were found on a Central Texas, Hill Country Ranch Which Raises Exotics.  The White Tail Deer Antlers were Found on my Property.

Note: The Texas Wildlife Department Allows Barrasingha Antlers to Ship within the State of Texas.  My Understanding is that Federal Laws Prohibit Shipping across State Lines.  Sale of the Barrasingha will be Limited to Texas Customers and Shipped Only to Addresses Within Texas.

Axis Deer Antler  $10.50
Naturally Shed
Measures:  7" x 11"
Pair of Barrasingha Antlers  $285.00
Measure:  9.5" x 26.5", 12.5" x 27.5"
White Tailed Deer Antler  $29.50
Measures:  8" x 12"

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