Rhinestone Black Netting Choker  
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Rhinestone Black Netting Choker

“Glam Girl” Choker: Recipe for Unique, Artsy, One-of-a-Kind “Glam Girl” Choker:

Hand-Stitch 1 Rhinestone Necklace, 2 Vintage Rhinestone Buttons, 1 Pair of Rhinestone Earrings…to Vintage 1960’s Black Trim.

String 2 Rhinestone Studded Beads to 2 Lengths of Hand-Braided Moroccan Cord.

Attach 25 Rhinestone Studs Through Black Vintage Netting Which is Gathered to Lower Edge of Vintage Black Trim

You Will Have Artisanawear Fashion Accessories Neckwear That Spells Glamour.  For Best Results, Combine With Evening Wear.

  • Length:  11”-16”
  • Was:  $295.00
  • Now:  $90.00