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Wedding Bead Choker

“Jelly Beans” Choker : This Fashion Accessories Choker Necklace Will Have Everyone Thinking You Ran-Off With the Candy Dish of Jelly Beans.  Fun, Handmade, Beaded Neckwear of Vintage Glass Beads, Including Mali Wedding Beads, and Striped Melon Beads.  The First are of Czech Origin, the Latter are Venetian, and Both Being Trade Beads.

Playful Artisanawear Jewelry in Colors of Red, Red-Orange, Orange, Yellow and Green.  A Mix of Solids and Stripes, and a Variety of Shapes Adds to the “I Won’t Grow-Up” Attitude This Piece Evokes.

One-of-a-Kind, Unique and Artsy Jewelry From Carol Tate and the Artisanaworks Studio, Texas Hill Country, and That’s Right…Made in the USA.

  • Length:  12.5”-14.5”
  • Price:  $125.00