Moroccan Silver Metal Choker  
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Moroccan Silver Metal Choker

“Berber Bangles” Choker: The Moroccan, North African Berbers are Famous for Their Silver Jewelry…Even Their Non-Sterling Silver Metal Jewelry.  “Berber Bangles” Choker Necklace is of the Latter, Being Handmade From Salvaged Pieces of What was Once a Berber Woman’s Headband.  Handcrafted Bangles of Coin-Like Discs Hang From Twisted Metal Wires Along an Armature of Coiled Wire.  These Fan-Out at the Base of the Neck, While a Second Set Stand Upright Encircling the Neck, Which Makes for Very Flattering Neckwear.

For the Tribal Jewelry/Ethnic Accessories Jewelry Enthusiast, This One-of-a-Kind Artisanawear Choker is a Good Match.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Chain Reclaimed From Kouchi Jewelry at Back and Locking Hook Clasp.

  • Length:  12.5”-15”
  • Was:  $210.00
  • Now:  $90.00