Straight Skirts in Black  
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Straight Skirts in Black

Your Pick of Two Straight Skirts; One Skirt in Black Leather, and One Skirt in Black Matelasse.  Both Skirts are to Just Above the Knee.

Straight Skirt in Leather
Brass Plum Nordstrom Black Leather Skirt.  Nice Straight Cut to Just Above the Knee; Waistband, Kick Pleat, and Lined.  Skirt Measures:  Waist 25”, Hip (9” Below Waist) 36”. Length 22”  $ 19.50
Black Matelasse Skirt
Matelasse or “Trapunto” Like Quilted Skirt, Mini Above the Knee, and Straight Cut.  Rides Just Below the Waist, with No Waistband, which Means NO Muffin Top!!!  Love it!  A Great Skirt for Evening Wear. Pairs  So Nicely with the Double D Embroidered Silk Evening Jacket.  Skirt Measures: Upper 26.25”, Hip 38”, Length 20”  $19.50

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