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Ladies Vintage Handbags

A Variety of Vintage Handbags Ranging from Evening Wear Velvet Handbags and Beaded Handbags to a Party Bag to a Hand Embroidered Leather Bag from Morocco.  Fun Fashion Accessories to Complete a Period Look for Your Personal Wardrobe or Use as a Prop in a Film or Photo Shoot.  From Top Left and Clockwise:

Soure’ of New York Velvet Handbag
A Vintage Black Velvet Eveningwear Bag from Soure’, New York.  High Quality Bag Detailed with Cut Acrylic Crystals and a Gold Metal Spring Clasp.  Lining in Excellent, Almost New Condition.  Velvet in Very Good Condition with only Minimal Wear at Peak of Handle.  Size:  9.25”w  x 10.25”h  plus Handle.   $49.50
Evening Wear Party Handbag
A Playful Vintage  Evening Bag in a Crisp Black Fabric Resembling Woven Horsehair.  A Clear Lucite Clasp Spells Mid-Century Modern.  Hinge, Clasp and Outer Handbag in Great Condition, however the Lining is in Need of Replacement.   Size:  Approx. 9”w  x  6.5”h  plus Handle.   $32.50
Beaded Handbag or Clutch
Hand Beaded Evening Wear Handbag which Converts to a Clutch.  Exquisitely Beaded in Metallic Bronze Beads.  This Vintage Handbag was Restored, and Has only a Few Missing Beads, which Take Close Examination to Locate.  Near New Condition, Inside and Out.  Size:  9.5”w  x 7.5”h  plus Handle.   $58.50
Embroidered Leather Handbag
Purchased in Morocco, This Handbag Embroidered in Black Silk on Green Leather is a Fine Example of one of the Traditional Hand Crafts of North Africa. Long Shoulder Strap Cord is Hand Plaited Silk, Ending in Pom-Pom Like Tassels. This Ethnic Handbag has Zippers, Pockets, Compartments and Snap Closures Galore!  This is a Vintage Bag in Good Condition, with Scuffed Leather at Top and Bottom Corners.  Size:  11”w x 10”h  when Flap is Closed.   $165.00

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