Red Lucite Beads Bracelet  
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Red Lucite Beads Bracelet

“Retro Tango Girl” Bracelet: Stunning Vintage Lucite Beads in Red and Grape-Like Clusters of Mid-Century Plastic Beads in Black Will Have You Headed For the Dance Floor. This Retro Jewelry Bracelet is Handmade Totally from Reclaimed and Recycled Fashion Accessories Jewelry and Beads Lending Itself to the Green Fashion Movement.

Brass Head Pin Detailing with Black Acrylic Beads and Brass Spring Clasp.

Artisanawear Chunky Beads Jewelry for the Artsy Girl.  Designed and Created by Carol Tate in the Artisanaworks Studio, USA.

Please See Fashion Accessories – Jewelry Necklaces for Co-ordinate.

  • Length:  Adjustable:  8”
  • Was:  $195.00
  • Now:  $95.00