Blue Frit Bead Cuff Bracelet  
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Blue Frit Bead Cuff Bracelet

“Togoland” Cuff Bracelet: “Togoland” gets its Name from Togo, Africa, a Country Near Burkina Faso and Ghana that Produces Handcrafted Silver Metal Beads.  This One-of-a-Kind, Ethnic Fashion Accessories Bracelet Displays Eight of These Old Beads From Togo… Bicone Beads, all Handmade in Non-Sterling Silver Metal.  These are Flanked with What May be Blue Frit Beads.   A “Green” Fashion Beaded Cuff Bracelet of Reclaimed/Recycled Beads, Including Spring Coiled Metal Beads and a Variety of Vintage Czech Trade Beads in Several Shades of Blue.   

Artisanawear Handmade, Artsy Bracelets Designed and Created by Carol Tate in the Artisanaworks Studio, USA.  Spring Steel Armature with Safety Chain.

Please See Fashion Accessories – Jewelry Necklaces for Co-ordinate and more about Blue Frit Beads.

  • Length:  Adjustable:  6”-7”
  • Price:  $275.00