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Moroccan Brass Trays

Old Brass Trays Purchased in Morocco 13 years ago, with Hammered Designs Including The Star of David and Hand of Fatima.  Heavy Metal with age and Patinas of Use.

Hand of Fatima Tray:  Old Hammered Brass Moroccan Tray with Hand of Fatima and Other Traditional Motifs.  A Flanged Lip Tray with a Heavy Patina and Rich with Character.  19.25” in Diameter.  $ 98.00
Old Hammered Brass Tray:  A “Deep Dish” Moroccan Tray, 1.75” Deep with Hammered Designs.  Minor Denting and Patina from Age and Use.  19.75” in Diameter  $ 98.00
Star of David Old Brass Tray:  Being a Moroccan Tray, and Being That a Fair Number of Jews Live in Morocco, This Tray with the Star of David Centered and Surrounded by Arabic Script Spelling “Allah”, may Signify that This is a Tray of Mizrahi Jews.... Jews from the Arab World.  Allah, meaning God, in this Sense.  (I did do some reading on this matter!)  So, a Jewish Tray From an Arab World.  A Very Nice Older Tray with Age and Character.  15” diameter with .5” lip.  $ 89.00