Metal Bowls and Vases Vessels  
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Metal Bowls and Vases Vessels

An Array of Exotic and Ethnic Flavored Metal Bowls, Metal Footed Bowls and Metal Vases or Vessels.

All are of Centerpiece Status and Most are Hammered Metal.

Looking to Make a Flamboyant Arrangement with Fruit, Flowers or Natural Elements as Part of Your Home Décor?

These Containers will fit the bill. Nice Patina from use.

Clockwise From Top:

Handled, Hammered Metal Bowl:  Silvered Brass Bowl with Scalloped Edges and  Bird Form with Fanned Tail. Clean with a Nice Patina from use.
10” x 10”, as Pictured.  $ 42.50
Tall Copper Vase or Vessel:  Elaborate Hammered Copper Metal Vessel with Natural Green Patina and Minor Impressions from Use.  Décor with  Some Height and Ethnic Flavor.
8” x 20”h.  $ 44.00
Cylindrical Brass Vase or Vessel:  Tall Brass Metal Container with Ring Handles.  Many Uses in Home Décor when Height is Desired.  Minor Impressions add to it’s Character.
7” x 20.5”h 
Footed Clam Shell Bowl:  This Hammered Brass Metal Bowl begs for an Arrangement that Overflows its Deeply Scalloped Rim.  Patinaed with Use.
10” x 7.5”  $ $32.00
Hammered Brass Bowl with Feet:  A Metal Bowl with Flair in Shape as well as in it’s Hammered Design. An Aged Brass Coloration.
13” x 16” x 9.5”h  $42.50

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