Two Antique Gilt Frames  
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Two Antique Gilt Frames

These Antique Gilt Frames Spell Instant Character as Wall Decor, Whether it be an Eclectic Mix, Old World, Traditional, Classic, or a Bohemian Style.  A Few Dings and Missing Pieces of Relief?  That is Part of it's Character.

And no Need to Seek-out the Perfect Size Painting or Print for these Frames.  A Collection of Empty Frames, Alone, Carefully Arranged can Make Quite a Statement as Wall Decor... try a Smaller Frame Hung Within a Larger Frame... Perhaps One has an Interesting Object d'Art... Hang it and Place a Frame Around it, Letting the Wall act as a Border.  Mix and Match Gilt Moldings and Sizes.  The Gold Color is Especially Striking on a Dark Wall.

Large Deco Flavored Gilt Frame  $115.00 
Inside Measurements:  26" x 37.75
Antique Ornate Gilt Frame  $58.00
Inside Measurements:  16" x 20"

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