Antique Mediterranean Louvered Shutters  
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Antique Mediterranean Louvered Shutters


Two Antique Louvered Shutter Doors which Evoke the Rustic Charm of Provence and the Mediterranean Style. One Might Also Feel the Essence of the Caribbean or a Touch of New Orleans, for Architecture Surrounding the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico was Greatly Influenced by the French.

These Classic Louvered Shutters of Solid Wood and Fixed Slats were Originally Designed to Protect Against the Weather... Wind or Cold.  In the True Spirit of Flea Market Finds,  Alternative uses are Encouraged:  A Garden Gate, for one, Hinged to Sturdy Posts using the Screw-in L-Shaped Hooks, or Add Instant Flavor to a Garden Wall, or  to the Wall of a Porch.  I Could Even see These Used as Doors to a Substantial, Rustic Cabinet.  Then, Again, Perhaps One Might Have the Perfect Window or Alcove.

Old and handcrafted doors vary slightly in dimension and direction of louvers. Priced accordingly.