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Vintage Hooked Rug

A Nice Vintage Hooked Rug, Very Tightly and Closely Hooked Through a Fine Linen Ground Cloth, which Ranks it's Quality Far Above Rugs Done on Burlap or Cotton.  This Hooked Rug has been Hemmed on the Reverse with Nicely Hand Sewn Stitching.  Freshly Hand Washed, and Air Dried.  This is a Vintage Hooked Rug, and has all the Character of the Old Americana Hand Crafted Home Decor.

Base Colors in this Rug Include Putty and Tan, Bordered in Black.  Floral Motifs in Persimmon, Sage, Chocolate, and Gold.

Vintage Hooked Rug  $ 158.00
Measures: 34" x 58"

Carol is happy to answer questions and take your order, toll-free 1.877.441.5509 9-5 CST

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