Wedding Beads Necklace  
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Wedding Beads Necklace

“Madame Zebra’s Cousin’s Necklace”: “Madame Zebra’s Cousin’s Necklace” is all About Black and White and Stripes. These Molded Vintage Czech Trade Beads, Were Traded to Mali, Africa During Mid-Century 1950-60’s. They are Known as Mali Wedding Beads.  The Pear-Shaped Wedding Beads are Most Commonly Seen, But the “Claw” Shape is More Difficult to Find Today. It Required Sifting Through Many Beads to Net the 4 “Claws” Making Up This Artsy Jewelry Beaded Necklace.

From Venice are Shiny Black and White Wound Glass Beads.  These Venetian Beads (4) are Decorated With a Raised, Segmented Design Resembling Dog Teeth, and Consequently Known as Venetian Dog Tooth Beads (or Venetian Ruffle). Other Round Glass Beads in Black and White Act as Spacers and Leads From the Clasp. Closure is a Silver Metal Toggle.

An Exclusive, One-of-a-Kind Artisanawear Beaded Necklace for That Artsy Jewelry Gal.  A Fashion Accessories Costume Jewelry Piece for Those Who Adore the Black/White Thing.

  • Length:  15.75”
  • Price:  $295.00