Metal Beaded Chain Necklace  
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Metal Beaded Chain Necklace

“Locked-Up in Chains” Metal Necklace: “Locked-Up in Chains” is a Jingle-Jangle, 3-Strand Chain Necklace Embellished With a Variety of Metal Beads.  Made Entirely From Reclaimed and Recycled Fashion Accessories Necklaces, This Metal Necklace Dances With Clusters of Round Beads, Square Tubular Beads, Elliptical, And Mystery Metal Clips, Which Spin and Twirl.  Like Many Artisanawear Necklaces, This Beaded Necklace can be Dressed Up or Down.  Barrel Clasp Closure.
Original Design Fashion Jewelry by Carol Tate.   Made Right Here in the USA.

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  • Length: First Strand 16.75”
  • Second Strand 23”
  • Third Strand 28”
  • Was:  $150.00
  • Now:  $50.00