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Aso Oke Wrap

In: Pale Lemon Yellow, Orange Yellow, Metallic Gold

Of: Hand Woven Narrow Strip Weave in Poly, Cotton and Metallic Gold Lurex, Seed Beads, Vintage Mali Glass Wedding Beads Traded to Mali From Czechoslovakia

Notes: A Modern Day Hand Woven Strip Weave by the Yoruba of Nigeria Africa, Known as Aso Oke.  This is an Example of a Very Meticulous, Time Consuming Technique of Weaving in Which Groups of Warp Threads are Gathered Together by Weft Threads to Form Patterns of Holes, Row After Row.  These Long Strips are Traditionally Joined to Create Fabric for Ceremonial Dress.  As a Single Strip, This Scarf or Wrap can be Worn Hanging Straight or Tossed Over One Shoulder.
This Artisanawear Wrap is Weighted by a Beaded Fringe of Hand Strung and Sewn Seed Beads and Vintage Mali Wedding Beads…Trade Beads Originally Made in Bohemia or Czechoslovakia Mid Century.  A Fashion Accessory to be Worn to Celebrate the Arts and Crafts of the African Culture, and the High Skills of the Weaver.  You are Invited to See Other Modern Day Nigerian Aso Oke Strips Available :

Care: Hand Wash, Lay Flat or Hang to Dry

Size: 6” x 80”  An Extra, Extra Long Scarf/Wrap

Was: $200.00

Now:  $49.00