Olive Applique Scarf O  
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Olive Applique Scarf O

In: Olive/Asparagus Green, Apricot, Peach, Creamy Yellow

Of: Eco Friendly Recycled and Reclaimed Apparel, Washed and Shrunken, in Bias Cut Silk Georgette

Care: Easy.  Hand Wash Cool, Twist and Knot for Crinkled Effect, Toss in Clothes Dryer, Medium Heat

Notes: An Entire Shrunken Silk Georgette Dress was Reclaimed and Recycled, Appliqued With Frayed and Fringed Dot Motifs, and Fashioned into This Artisanawear Green Fashion Accessory Scarf. A Long Floral Fashion Wrap, Cut on the Bias, and Sewn as an Open Ended Cylinder With Fringed and Frayed Ends.  Wearable Art Scarf for Spring/Summer/Fall, Light to Medium Weight.  Wrap Several Times Around, or Hang Straight From Shoulders.  Also Fashion as Belt or Turban.

Size: 10” x 87” Extra Big, Extra, Extra Long Scarf

Was:  $265.00

Now:  $75.00