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10 Most Recent Additions to Fleur-de-Lis On-Line Flea

These Antique Gilt Frames Spell Instant Character as Wall Decor, Whether it be an Eclectic Mix, Old World, Traditional, Classic, or a Bohemian Style.  A Few Dings and Missing Pieces of Relief?  That is Part of it's Character.

And no Need to Seek-out the Perfect Size Painting or Print for these Frames.  A Collection of Empty Frames, Alone, Carefully Arranged can Make Quite a Statement as Wall Decor... try a Smaller Frame Hung Within a Larger Frame... Perhaps One has an Interesting Object d'Art... Hang it and Place a Frame Around it, Letting the Wall act as a Border.  Mix and Match Gilt Moldings and Sizes.  The Gold Color is Especially Striking on a Dark Wall.

These Collectible, Hand Painted Cloth Toys were Made in the Late19th c - Early 20th c , Sometimes Using Stencils to Paint Animal Spots or Stripes.  Made from Scraps of Fabric and Stuffed with Straw, or Whatever Would Suffice.

A Pair of Antique Indo-Persian Hand Painted Miniatures, Mogul School Miniatures.  Though not an Authority on Miniatures, These Antique Gauche Paintings may be 16th to 18th Century.  I have Compared Style, Detailing, Color, Borders, Dress, Landscape, and Subject Matter Through Several Reputable On-Line Sources, Mainly that from the Victoria Albert Museum, Bridgeman Art Library / the Stapleton Collection,  from the Clive Album, which is Quite Expansive.  An Authority on Persian Miniatures Should be Consulted to Obtain a Professional Opinion as to Date and Age.

The Miniatures Depict a Hunting Scene,  Framed by  a Border of Small, Detailed Florals.  The Reverse of Each Painting Contains the Persian Text.  Pages Contain Notes in the Borders, as well as Worm-holes, and Other Signs of Use and Age, Which are Evident in the Close-up Photographs.

This is an Early 20th c African Stool Hand Carved from one Piece of Wood by the Lobi  People of Burkina Faso, but also Residing in Ghana and the Ivory Coast.  A Wonderful Artwork with Humanistic Head and Limbs, and Carved Geometric Designs on the Seat of  the Stool.

A Versatile Antique African Piece to use as a Stool, a Stand or Short Table, or as a Statement Artwork in an Upright Position.  A Very Good, Quality Piece, Nicely Carved.


Two Antique Louvered Shutter Doors which Evoke the Rustic Charm of Provence and the Mediterranean Style. One Might Also Feel the Essence of the Caribbean or a Touch of New Orleans, for Architecture Surrounding the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico was Greatly Influenced by the French.

These Classic Louvered Shutters of Solid Wood and Fixed Slats were Originally Designed to Protect Against the Weather... Wind or Cold.  In the True Spirit of Flea Market Finds,  Alternative uses are Encouraged:  A Garden Gate, for one, Hinged to Sturdy Posts using the Screw-in L-Shaped Hooks, or Add Instant Flavor to a Garden Wall, or  to the Wall of a Porch.  I Could Even see These Used as Doors to a Substantial, Rustic Cabinet.  Then, Again, Perhaps One Might Have the Perfect Window or Alcove.

Old and handcrafted doors vary slightly in dimension and direction of louvers. Priced accordingly.

Consider Displaying These Authentic, Vintage Western Objects and Signage for Adding a Cowboy - Western Flavor to Your Space.

Reminisce About the Adventures of Indiana Jones with a Vintage Braided Leather Bull Whip as Wall Decor or Hanging over a Wooden Chair in Your Ranch or Western Style Cabin, Cottage, or Lodge. 

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans's Infamous ~ Happy Trails to You ~ will Come Alive with this 1950's Vintage Happy Trails Signage.  Vintage Red Leatherette and Twig Letters Spell Happy Trails.  It is Hinged at the Center, and can be set on a Table for Display, or Hung as Wall Decor, as it is Fitted with Hangers. 

And Remember, Placing a Horseshoe Above a Door is Good Luck.  These Hand-Forged Horseshoes are the Real Thing!

Large Mounted Poster of Anthony Crickmay's photographic ode to Coppola's 1983 Film, the Outsiders.  Anthony Crickmay Reached Critical Acclaim Internationally as a Photographer with Best Known Works of the Ballet, Theatre, and the Royal Family.  Bring Exquisite Photography and an Outsider Attitude to your Abode.

This Poster  Exhibits Only Very Minor Imperfections Along the Outside Edges of the Foam Board.

A Framed Print of a Photograph by Renown Photographer, Alan Blaustein.  Cordoba, Espana Depicts another Romantic Scene within a Spanish Courtyard in Cordoba, Spain.  Printed in Sepia Tones and Framed in a Tasteful, Mahogany Colored Frame.  As in his Companion Photograph, Sevilla, Espana, Blaustein Takes one Through an Open Archway to Experience a Still, Serene Old World Setting.  These two Framed Blaustein Photographs would be Nice Paired on a Wall.

This is a Post-Consumer Artwork, and may Exhibit Very Minor Flaws in the Framing Material.

Framed Print by Well-Known Photographer, Alan Blaustein, who Captures European Scenes and Settings with an Almost Fairytale Quality.  Sevilla, Espana Depicts a Glimpse of a Spanish Courtyard Through an Open Arch in Seville, Spain.  Sepia Photographic Print is Matted and in a Tasteful, Mahogany Colored Frame.  As with all Fleur-de-Lis Flea Home Decor Offered, This is a Post-Consumer Item, and may Exhibit Very Minor Flaws in the Moulding.

Would be Nice Paired with Companion Photograph ~ Cordoba Espana, also Available.

A Variety of Naturally Shed Axis Deer Antlers for use as Display in Home Decor.

These, Slightly Hump-Back Deer, with Wondrous White Spots were Brought to Texas from India Years Ago, and Roam my Property, often in Good Size Herds of 25-30.

Mature Antlers can Reach Heights of 30 - 36", and up to the Record of 41".

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